Learn Authentic Yoga Meditation from Durga Ma

Durga Ma has devoted her life to Sahaja Meditation (Natural Meditation), the deepest practice in Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga.  After years of dedicated practice, she was commissioned by her teacher, Yogeshwar Muni, to instruct others in this path of surrender.  If you sincerely desire to learn about authentic meditation or how shaktipat can lead to the natural awakening of kundalini, which ultimately results in the non-dual experience of enlightenment, Durga Ma is ready to offer you guidance.

Depending on where you find yourself in this journey, Durga Ma provides various programs to suit your needs.  Here is a summary of the basic offerings:
  1. Beginner to Advanced Meditation Training courses for those seeking personal growth.
  2. Meditation Teacher Training for those who desire to lead meditation groups or instruct others.
  3. Shaktipat Intensives for those who want to explore the power of transformation.
  4. NEW!  Free Remote Shaktipat is now available to those unable to travel to an intensive.
Additionally, Durga Ma has written several books about the practice of Yoga, composed music for relaxation and meditation, and created guided meditations to aid you along your path.  These can be found in the online store.