Meditation Training

If you have sought a spiritual transformation but struggled with self-realization or enlightenment, and grown increasingly frustrated with your attempts at meditation, now you can find clarity in a step-by-step program that produces real results.

After more than three decades of teaching meditation, Durga Ma has dealt with every myth, mistake and misconception about this powerful self-discovery tool. In fact, if you have yet to develop your meditation skills to the level you want, your frustrations likely have nothing to do with you.

Given the unproven strategies and misinformation available, it is a wonder more people have not given up on learning meditation.

Why Students Fail at Meditation:

Due to the many misconceptions about meditation, most beginners who believe they have not meditated successfully may actually have reached this conclusion erroneously.

One common misunderstanding about meditation is that you can only get into a meditative state by preventing mental activity. Yes, the cessation of mental activity is ultimately the key, but because it is the nature of the mind to move, trying to stop the mind from moving actually causes the mind to become more active. The solution to this situation is knowledge and experience beginning from where you are right now and moving toward a peaceful mind by using the abilities you have right now.

The most common sources of misunderstandings about meditation are preconceived ideas and assumptions. These are the biggest obstacles to your success.

These two things alone: 

  1. preconceived ideas and assumptions about meditation 
  1. thinking you are doing something wrong 

...make meditation difficult rather than easy.

There are even more misconceptions than these: that meditation is difficult, that it takes years to learn, that you just need to eliminate emotions, that meditation can be achieved with a simple set of headphones, etc.

Until now, meditation has either been passed on superficially to make it (and sell it as) “easy”, or made so difficult to practice that it seems unapproachable and impractical.

In Durga Ma’s Meditation courses, she provides you with an authentic process for moving from easy meditation to meditation at its highest, and introduces you to Sahaja Yoga Meditation (Surrender Meditation), a spontaneous, experiential meditation of ancient origin. She does this in a way that is natural and suits itself to you personally, thus making the entire process, and meditation itself, natural and easy. Natural meditation is simple meditation. 

How Can Durga Ma Help:

During her meditation journey, Durga Ma learned Sanskrit in order to study the works of ancient masters who had succeeded in taking meditation to its highest end. Her own meditation became her “lab”. She wanted more proof, more answers, and more amazing experiences.

She got them all.

Today, at 70, Durga Ma is still meditating. If wonderful outcomes hadn't consistently occurred, do you think she would have continued this long?

Durga Ma's goal now is to bring authentic meditation to the masses. In recent years, she has seen how hungry people are for something more than the ordinary, so she is giving her knowledge and her experience to provide others with options for their own self-improvement, and spiritual growth and evolution through natural meditation.

Durga Ma's Meditation home study courses are designed to stop your struggle, strip away the confusion, and allow you to establish a meditation practice that matches your own needs and aims. It is truly a step-by-step guide to a life of self-discovery.

One major factor that makes the Meditation program so unique is that you can incorporate any mediation you may already be using. Any previous experience you have will be taken to a new level.

You’ll begin by getting special meditation guidance that will help you to establish a regular meditation practice. Many of Durga Ma’s students who had previously attempted to do this, had done so without success. Now, Durga Ma can guide you through a process that will overcome this issue and make meditating appealing, and therefore easier to get yourself to do.

With each course, you will receive weekly lessons, practice meditations, experiments, guided meditations, group discussions, and much more.  

Each course has a time limit of one week per lesson, plus an additional week to submit any necessary tests or course materials.

New Dawn Course

Successful Meditation Techniques
  • What Meditation Really Is 
  • The Technology of Meditation - What Makes It Work 
  • Creating Optimum Conditions for Successful Meditation 
  • Routine Practice and Informal Meditation 
  • Dealing with Distractions 
  • Learn More
Non Technique Meditation
  • The Meditative State 
  • The Two Fundamental Types of Meditation 
  • How to Meditate Successfully Without Using Techniques 
  • Necessary Conditions for Non Technique Meditation 
  • What to Expect 
  • Learn More
Empowerment Meditation
  • The Nature of Power 
  • Power and Relationships 
  • Accessing Your Power 
  • Conscious Choice in Life and in Meditation 
  • Determining Your Own Type of Meditation 
  • Learn More

High Noon Course

Surrender Meditation
  • Channeling Prana 
  • Kundalini 
  • Chakras 
  • Shaktipat 
  • The Seven Kinds of Teachers
  • Learn More 
Maximize Your Meditation
  • Essential Practices for Spiritual Progress 
  • Practices for Attaining Union with the Divine 
  • Spiritual Principles and Powers 
  • State-Shifting 
  • Meditation in Motion 
  • Learn More
Design Your Life
  • Four Stages of Life 
  • Your Divine Nature 
  • Manifesting 
  • Finding What You Really Want from Life 
  • Matching Your Spiritual Practice to Your Life's Goal
  • Learn More

New Moon Elective Courses

Mental Yoga

  • Find Greater Mental Strength and Agility
  • Learn to Instantly Shift States
  • Liberate Yourself from Control of the Mind
  • Choose What You Want to Think and Feel
  • Develop Command and Influence
  • Learn More

Ten Keys to Success

  • Using Ten Principles to Recognize Your Progress
  • Service Through Personal Progress
  • Facilitating and Monitoring Dyads
  • Consciousness of the Divine in Others
  • Using the Ten Principles to Change Your Thinking, Your Actions & Your Life
  • Learn More

Ancient Mystical Writings

  • See Truth Through the Eyes of Ancient Mystics
  • Learn About Devotion and Wisdom
  • The Embodied One and Being
  • The Nature of Action
  • Progress and Freedom
  • Learn More