Ancient Mystical Writings

See Through the Eyes of a sage

• Delve into the inner meanings of the mystical teachings.

• Develop and expand your creative thinking and mental flexibility. 

• Approach written teachings as multilevel messages from God, the Divine. 

• Discern the messages meant for you in your current phase of growth. 

• Learn how to make any scripture from any religion understandable and useful. 

• Explore ancient teachings that can be used by anyone on a practical, day to day basis, or by yoga practitioners seeking liberation and enlightenment

Take a journey with Durga Ma through her own translation of an ancient Sanskrit mystical text. As you move through one of these ancient texts, you will come to better understand translations of sacred texts from any religion. You will be able to do it on your own without having to learn the original language.

Ancient spiritual texts available to the public are usually lengthy, scholarly translations abundant with commentary based on someone else’s beliefs. Durga Ma has put it in a nutshell. Beginners as well as experienced meditators will find a new light on Truth with these clear and simple translations from the original Sanskrit. You will learn to translate the translations and apply them to your own life and your own path.

Subjects: Devotion; wisdom; the embodied one and the being; yoga; kundalini; the nature of action; progress; freedom; meditation; avoiding obstacles; the river of no return.

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