Design Your Life

Design or Redesign Your Life to Match Your Aims with Your Practices

• Do you know what you really want most from life?

• Is your life filled with more responsibilities than rewards?

• Would you like to improve your life and get to do what you're here to do?

• Go through a process that will help you coordinate what you do with what you want.

In Design Your Life, you will embark upon a journey through fourteen lessons aimed at helping you to get to the bottom of what it is that you truly want out of life and how to go about getting it. You will do this by learning how to find out what lies behind your desires, the thing that you want most from life. You will not be asked to make endless lists, but you will learn to ask the right questions and what to do with the answers.

When you truly know what you want in life it becomes easier to get it. 
Once you know what this is, everything else needs to be compatible with it. 
You must know where you’re going to know how to get there.

You will consider these questions and their answers, contemplate affirmative statements about your true nature as an individual, and do your best to get things in sync so that the things that you do in your life are not counterproductive to how you want to live. You will also get a simple recipe for manifesting in the context of your primary aim. Finally, you will match your aim to spiritual practices that support that aim.

When your primary aim in life and your spiritual practices are in sync,
your life will go more smoothly and you will experience 
better results, fewer obstacles, and more satisfaction.

Subjects: The four fundamental aims of life; the four stages of life; your divine nature; five affirmative aphorisms and contemplations; manifesting; matching your spiritual practices to your primary aim in life.