Successful Meditation Techniques

Meditate Now and Learn as You Go

• Learn how to calm your mind in seconds with five easy One-Minute Meditation Techniques.

• Find out how to deal with distractions in meditation and turn them to your advantage.

• Develop an attraction to meditation and establish an ongoing meditation practice with ease.

• Learn what meditation really is and how it works.

In this course you will learn essential information about meditation, information that even many experienced meditators do not know. You'll explore meditation techniques, the most well known and popular type of meditation, but you'll see it from a completely new perspective.

Experiments and meditations are easy to practice and do not require a lot of time.
Meditations consist of five easy One Minute Meditations that you can lengthen if you want. If you already have a meditation that you like to use, you will not be asked to give it up. You can either use these One Minute Meditations along with your usual practice, or do them at another time.

It was a student who initially made me realize just how powerful these One Minute Meditations really are. One day, she stepped out of her office fuming about something her boss had said to her, went into a restroom stall and sat down and started doing one of these meditations. Within minutes, she was back at work, equilibrium reestablished, full steam ahead. Over time, I have heard many similar stories.
You'll also begin setting up a regular meditation practice of your own design. Now, don't worry about this. I've spread this out over the lessons so that you don't have to do everything at once. And I think you'll enjoy it, too.

By the end of this course you'll have done some interesting experiments, you'll know what meditation is and what it isn't, you'll know what a "technique" is and why you would use one, you'll understand the basic principles behind meditation, and you'll have had some experience meditating using some very powerful techniques.