Surrender Meditation

The Secret Meditation of Ancient Masters

• Three Forms of Divine Energy

• Shaktipat, the transmission of spiritual power

• Pranotthana, the precursor to the awakening of Kundalini

• Channeling the Life Force

• How to Shop for a Teacher

In this course, you will learn about the meditation that gave birth to meditation techniques. This meditation is called by many names, but I call it Surrender Meditation, natural meditation, sahaja yoga or shaktipat kundalini yoga (SKY). It is the original meditation of ancient masters from which meditation techniques were eventually developed through observation. It is so closely guarded by spiritual masters that it is virtually unknown and is not generally available.

The unique feature of this practice is that it allows meditation 
to occur effortlessly on its own, and kundalini to awaken naturally 
and spontaneously, thus reducing or eliminating problematic side-effects.

The purpose of this course is to give you sufficient information to determine whether or not you want to pursue Surrender Meditation. As this is an informative course only, you will not be initiated into this practice, but will continue with the meditation you have been doing to this point (Technique Meditation, Non Technique Meditation, Empowerment Meditation, or any other meditation of your choice).

If you are drawn to Non Technique Meditation, initiation into Surrender Meditation is a natural step for you to take. If this type of meditation is not for you, you will still come away with loads of information useful to any path.