Ten Keys to Success

Attain Success and Special Abilities

• Find out how ancient masters understood Divine Law and how it works.

• Learn how to realign inharmonious thoughts.

• Use the Ten Keys as guides for spiritual progress.

• Learn how to recognize your progress.

• Be of service to the world through your own success.

Learn ten fundamental principles for attaining and maintaining success and the results of their mastery. Learn how to achieve success at anything as you build the foundation for successful spiritual practice. Align with the Divine through ten principles descriptive of the Divine and you-as-you-really-are that can lead you to the attainment of ten special powers.

The Ten Keys to Success are the skeletal structure upon which the effectiveness of all other techniques and practices rest. They do not replace other teachings, but support them and provide the basis for applying them successfully.

The Ten Keys are the essence of Divine Law. By acting in alignment with these ten principles, success is guaranteed. With these teachings under your cap, you can realign inharmonious thoughts and feelings, and use them as guides and as signposts for recognizing your progress toward fulfillment.

Subjects in this course are: Divine law; ten spiritual principles; the significance of their order; practical and esoteric interpretations; resulting powers, siddhi; contemplative journaling.

This course is based on my own translation of a portion of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, in such a manner as to make it accessible and useful for everyone.

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