Spiritual Mentoring sessions provide you with the opportunity to discuss matters with Durga Ma such as your life's purpose, reaching personal fulfillment, spiritual practices and guidance, or any other spiritual matter that may concern you.  Below are some of the possibilities for a session.

Life Readings:

Durga Ma translates your own messages to yourself.  A Life Reading with Durga Ma will reveal your life's agenda, your special gifts and talents, and the types of pursuits that have the greatest potential for personal fulfillment.  You will also learn about the kinds of challenges, or lessons, you may encounter along the way and how to use challenges to your advantage.  Through a Life Reading with Durga Ma you will discover what you are here to learn and what the payoff is for success.

Life Mastery:

Life Mastery sessions provide you with the opportunity to reach beyond the realm of ideas to empowerment and the discovery of what is needed in order to resolve issues or to bring a dream into reality.  If you have had a Life Reading, you can use your Life Mastery sessions to implement the information revealed in your reading.  With Durga Ma you will create a plan of action. In the process of implementing this plan, you will gain in your ability to recognize progress and attain your maximum potential.

Spiritual Counseling: 

Private consultations for persons seeking guidance on personal matters concerning meditation, spiritual development and spiritual practices.


Currently, a $100 donation is requested for a one hour session.  Email Durga Ma to schedule a time for any of these mentoring services.