Shaktipat Intensives

There are two aspects of Shaktipat Intensives with Durga Ma:

  1. receiving the transmission of Shakti (Shaktipat Dishka) 
  2. knowledge of what to do with it (Sahaja Yoga Meditation/Surrender Meditation).  
You will receive the following important information relevant to this special practice of Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga:
  • Kundalini 
  • Chakras
  • Lokas
  • Granthis
  • Yoga cosmology
  • Stages of progress
  • Siddhas (spiritual powers), and more.

Shaktipat Dishka:

Shakti is the Sanskrit word for the activating force of nature (Prakriti). It is Shakti that initiates all action, so Shakti can be translated as initiating spiritual power.

Shaktipat means Shakti-giving.  The transmission of Shakti can initiate spontaneous meditation, kundalini awakening, and spiritual transformation, depending upon the preparedness of the initiate.

Shaktipat Diksha means "Shakti-giving initiation." Diksha (pronounced dee'-ksha) refers specifically to initiation in the sense of showing, informing, or bestowing something upon someone.  Shaktipat Diksha is often likened to lighting one candle with another candle. This allows for the bound life energy in the body (prana) to be released and set free. Once this energy released, the evolutionary force, Kundalini, can awaken naturally.

Why do I need Shaktipat from Durga Ma?  

You don't. You don't need to get shaktipat from anyone. You may have already had Shaktipat without realizing it. Shakti is everywhere. She is Divine Energy, the activating force of nature, the animator, and the primordial power that makes things happen. 

Your own Shakti can be ignited through physical exercise, dance, deep study and concentration on your art, your science or your skill, by understanding Truth, though loving devotion to the Divine/God, or by transmission from teacher to student. 

A Shaktipat teacher transmits Shakti by any of the following means: thought, sound, touch, or gaze. The benefit of taking initiation from a Shaktipat teacher, even if you have already had Shaktipat spontaneously, is to forge a relationship with someone qualified to guide you from that point. You can either boot-strap your own way or use a teacher qualified to initiate and guide you.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation:

The natural partner to Shaktipat is the practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation (also known as Surrender Meditation). Sahaja Meditation is a spontaneous, experiential meditation that keeps the fire burning. The term "surrender" as it applies to Sahaja Meditation, is the choice to allow the Absolute (Truth/Divine/God) complete authority over your meditation.

The unique aspect of Durga Ma’s Shaktipat Intensives is that, in addition to Shaktipat Diksha, you receive initiation into this uncommon spiritual practice (Sahaja Yoga Meditation) that is rare and not easy to come by.  It is the original, authentic meditation of ancient masters. This practice is the key to making the fullest use of Shaktipat Diksha.

Allowing Shakti to run things is like an ongoing initiation: things happen on their own without you having to "do" anything. By surrendering in the context of meditation, external influences are removed and it becomes possible to surrender more fully. As you continue the practice of Sahahja Yoga Meditation your ability to surrender increases. The many meditation techniques available today have their origin in this natural process.

In ancient times, people were observed to spontaneously enter into the meditative state and experience union with God. Observers tried to duplicate what they saw in order to get the same results, and meditation techniques were born. Many of these techniques have survived into our own time. They appear in religions and spiritual practices of all kinds throughout various cultures of the world.

A technique is a certain way of doing something in order to get a certain result. The process of trying to attain the ultimate goal of the spiritual journey through techniques is certainly possible, but it is long and demanding. It is possible to take another road which, though less traveled, can take you with speed and efficiency to the fulfillment of your spiritual quest.

Through this practice, you will have the means to allow Shakti the freedom to act according to Her own divine intelligence and bring about spontaneous meditation, natural Kundalini awakening and spiritual evolution.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation propels one forward a thousand times faster than other forms of yoga sadhana (spiritual practice).

This is a completely natural practice.  The word "natural" in relationship to Sahaja Yoga and the awakening of Kundalini should be understood as the release of prana through surrender to God, rather than by willfully trying to force meditation and Kundalini awakening. This requires letting go of one's control during meditation and delegating it to God. Control is resumed outside of meditation until later stages, depending on one's circumstances.

Through this surrender of the will, the life force, or life energy, prana, is free in the body of the practitioner. To the degree that it is free, the practitioner is free, and Kundalini will awaken on Her own.

What happens in Surrender Meditation is up to God. Success is inevitable when we get out of the way.

The aim of Sahaja Yoga Meditation is union with God, freedom (liberation from rebirth) and spiritual evolution.

What we truly are is, and has always been, in union with God, already perfect and already free. Through Surrender Meditation, impediments are swept away until nothing stands in the way of this awareness, and we live in Truth and the bliss of union without a break. 

The optimum conditions for Surrender Meditation are a place of privacy and solitude where you will not be disturbed by distractions and outside stimuli, and where you will not be self-conscious about anything that happens in your meditation.

Your mediation room should have space for movement. This is not a practice in which you are expected to do or not do anything, including sitting a certain way, or being as still as a tomb. This room should have no obstacles so that you feel free to allow movement to take place in any manner whatsoever. A small altar is alright, but do not leave incense or candles burning during meditation.

If your present conditions do not meet this criteria, just do the best you can to create conditions based on these ideals.

Any compatible practices that you may now be doing can continue at other times, although you may find that they may come up in Sahaja Meditation, on their own, in their own way. Because this can be confusing and cause a student to doubt their surrender, it may be prudent to abandon other meditation practices.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna initiates Arjuna into this yoga and tells him not to disturb others with the knowledge he has been given, but to keep it secret and let others be happy where they are; that most people are not truly interested in pursuing union or God, whatever they may think or say, but bow down to their own minds and are most content with what is familiar.

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The cost for the Shaktipat Intensive is $500, and Intensives are held privately or semi-privately with Durga Ma, by appointment only. Intensive information is provided over a period of one or two days.  To make a reservation and receive additional information on the necessary preparations, please email Durga Ma.


If you are unable to travel to Durga Ma for an intensive, you can now receive Shaktipat at a distance for free.  To learn more, visit