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Meditating Naturally 

Durga Ma

Durga Ma has simplified a previously mysterious and misunderstood subject and made it possible for anyone to practice meditation and get results. Meditating Naturally is a unique synthesis which is the result of Durga Ma's own personal experience. For many years, she has tested tradition and non-tradition, written teachings and oral teachings, in her own lab, her meditation, and now she shares it with us.

Living the Mysteries
The Spiritual Journey of Durga Ma

Dr. Terry Preston

Living the Mysteries is a uniquely American woman's story. Its importance, however, transcends that of one individual and speaks to all people who desire to lead a spiritual life in our modern time. Living the Mysteries consists of stories of Durga Ma's life recorded and compiled by Dr. Preston and includes some of Durga Ma's teachings. At the time of this book, Durga Ma has attained all the steps of yoga sadhana (spiritual practice).

The Yoga of Wealth
Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Durga Ma

The Yoga of Wealth is a book of enormous value to anyone wanting to live well, enjoy success, and ultimately, to find true freedom.

The Yoga of Wealth is filled with knowledge and insights that will carry you forward and add to your success. It is simple, practical and useful for those wishing to improve their lives and for anyone wanting to better understand the fundamental principles that underlie all spiritual paths.

Sugar Pie's Book of Joy 

Seven Great Teachings for Happier Living

Durga Ma

An automatic writing from the great cat sage, Sugar Pie.

Sugar gives us seven teachings from his own experience for having a happy life. He covers the subjects of Love, Good Relationships, Trust, No Fear, Growing Up, Communication, and "The Really Smart Stuff." Truly Great Teachings that are a real kick to read.