Meditation Teacher Training

Learn to teach authentic meditation and receive certification from the Phoenix Metaphysical Institute and Durga Ma.

No teaching or meditation experience is necessary to begin your training.

If you are an experienced meditator, you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and gain new insights into how meditation is taught.

If you are new to teaching meditation you have the advantage of starting with a clean slate. You will learn to be successful and acquire the experience and confidence necessary to teach others.

Trainees receive a wealth of materials, training tools, and personal support from Durga Ma.

You have the option of completing your training online or in person with Durga Ma.

1. Online Training:


New Dawn meditation course - The New Dawn course can be taken before or during the Meditation Teacher training.  This course must be purchased separately from the Meditation Teacher Training course.

Training Materials

Instructor Training Manual:
  • Information on teaching; where to teach; teaching authentic meditation in a manner useful to anyone; formats for offering courses; teaching tools and techniques; dyads and contemplations; structuring seminars, classes and workshops; creating and using lesson plans; teaching or facilitating with kindness; creating course materials for students; promoting yourself; creating course proposals; presenting previews and other methods of promoting yourself.

Other Materials:
  • Sample Course Materials
  • Sample Course Proposal
  • Sample Course Proposal-Short
  • Forms and Signs
  • 20 Minute Dyad Gong Timer MP3 (link in manual) 
  • Dyad Cards


  • Two personal support calls with Durga Ma
  • Members only forum for asking questions or have discussions with other teachers in training

Certification Requirements

  • Complete Test
  • Submit materials you create for personal use

Certified teachers will receive the following: 

  • Sample previews (Free event to promote courses)
  • Printed Teaching Certificate
  • Brochures
  • Name Listed in Our Teaching Directory
  • Personal support

2. In Person Training with Durga Ma

Complete the prerequisite New Dawn Courses AND your Meditation Teacher Training in a two day intensive training. Study with Durga Ma in Phoenix, Arizona. 

In this special training with Durga Ma, the first three of nine levels are covered in a two day crash course: Technique Meditation, Non Technique Meditation, and Empowerment Meditation. You will receive the Teacher Training materials mentioned above. Certification requirements may be submitted during your visit or online after your training.

Contact us to schedule your Training.